Boot Camp

If you are looking for a challenge, something unlike your typical gym workout, something to give you a little kick in the butt to change up your training program, then you need to give this class a try.

We run, sprint, jump, crawl, carry, push and pull heavy weights. Use resistance bands for running, work in great mobility exercises and perform a host of bodyweight movements. Each workout is a little different, but all are set up more like a training routine rather then a group fitness class. We go way beyond your typical run, do some jumping jacks, run some more then do some pushups type class. You will be introduced to a host of new exercises and training methodology pulling from current research as well as the tried and tru techniques that really work.

Each class runs approximately 45 minutes. Stop in for a free class and see what it’s all about.

New to the line up: Open Training

Train every day with RDM. Come to boot camp classes and the warehouse in the evenings, or just come out to the warehouse everyday. Mix it up however you would like, but get in as much training with us as possible.