Workouts 10/2-10/8


Run, Skip, lunge, side shuffle, spinal rocks, seated t-spine

2x10Prone torso twist, Sumo squats, Walkouts and jackknife (2×3)


Perform each exercise for 4 minutes. Get as many reps as possible and rest where needed. Rest one minute after completing the exercise before moving on to the next.

1. 1 Arm Chest Press and Bent Over Row
2. Swings
3. Split Squats (with a weight at your chest or with a band under your front foot)
4. OH Carry and Wall Run
5. Run and Burpees
6. Situps and Knee to Elbow Drives


Quad Stretch

Kneel downs x 3/3
Squat Jump x 5
Sprint x 4 lengths

Rest 20 seconds and repeat for a total of 6 sets



DB Chops x 5/5
1 leg glute bridge x 15/15
3 sets

Laying hamstring and glute stretch, active itb stretch, laying angels

2 minutes: pushups to dd to knee to elbow to to t bridge


Rotational shoulder press x 5/5
1 DB Deadlift between legs x 8
3 sets
Ab Wheel Walks x 1 length
Swings x 25
Long jumps x 5
4 sets

Suitcase carry x 1 length each arm
Walking drop lunge x 10 steps
1 arm renegade row x 8/8
Ab Wheel rollouts x 5
4 sets

3 minutes-

Side lunge x 10, Curl x 5/5



Weighted full body extensions x 2 minutes


1 leg jump forward and back side to side 10 of each on each leg
Swings x 35
3 sets

On the minute:

Snatch with one arm clean with the other, walk2 lengths, Bent over row x 5, Squat x 5 repeat x 4



Chest press x 5/5
1 leg SLDL x 5/5
5 sets
Lateral squat x 5/5
2-4 Handwalk to pushup x 5
4 sets

1 leg knee drives with one foot always on the bench x 15 per leg
Pullovers with one weight x 10
Vups x 10
Complete 3 sets


Squat jump x 5
Sprints 10 lengths and rest
8 lengths and rest
6 lengths and rest
4 lengths and rest
2 lengths