1. 10 minute round
2 arm chest press
Bear Crawl x 50 total steps
Jump Rope x 100 jumps
Carry of choice x 50 total steps (HEAVY HEAVY HEAVY, overhead, farmers with 2 weights or suitcase with one weight at your side; alternate carries)

2. 10 minute round- 10 reps of everything

Pushups- with band if necessary to make it harder
Lunge jumps (10 total reps)
DB bent over row
Lunge jumps
DB straight leg deadlift
Lunge jumps
DB bicep curls/modified clean
Lunge jumps

3. 4 Min -10 reps of each

Plank rocking- back and forth and side to side
Prone 1/2 jack- in pu position, jump the feet out to the side and back to the middle
In and outs

4. 4 Minutes- 50 alternating jumps, 10 shouldering


4 Minutes: Continuous clock, work every 20 sec Run in place and knee to elbow drive


Day 3


1 minute run/JR/Jumping Jacks
Lunge with twist and hold to each side

1 minute run/JR/Jumping Jacks
Kneeling Quad and Hip flexor stretch

1 minute run/JR/Jumping Jacks
Side lying T spine stretch

2 sets of 10 reps of each:
OH squat
Good morning
Hindu squat
ITB Stretch/Foot to opposite hand
Alternating straight arm raise in pushup position


DO FIRST:Complete the round a fourth time, substituting a Walkout and getup

Jumping jacks x 20
Band resisted pushups x 2
Overhead squats x 4
Run x 8 lengths
Band resisted pushups x 3
Overhead squats x 5
Jumping jacks x 20
Band resisted pushups x 4
Overhead squats x 6
Run x 8 lengths
Complete the round a second time, this time substituting a Clean and press and SLDL for the squats and pushups
Complete the round a third time substituting a DB 2 arm bent over row and band pullapart hold for 5 count


Mountain Clumber x 100, 75, 50, 25
Situp x 25, 20, 15, 10
Burpee x 5, 5, 5, 5
Up Dog stretch