Workouts 7/24-7/30

Warm up: 30 seconds each of Run, Shuffle, Skip, Bear Crawl, Seated T-spine, Kneeling hip circles, chest and hamstring stretches against a wall

Perform each exercise for 20 seconds one after the other in the series and go straight through the series 2 times. Complete each series, rest for a minute or two then go through them all again.

Chest Series: Pushups with hands in(out, right forward, left forward- switching each set), backward hand walks, hand to opposite shoulder touch, seal jacks

Leg Series: 1 leg squat touchdown to jump (20 sec each leg), squat hold, tuck jump

Shoulder Series: Dive bomber pushup, upright rows, lateral raise, arm circles in front of your face

Ab Series: Getup situp, reverse crunch, leg throws, crunch with reach through, mountain climber


Complete for 8 minutes:
Dumbbell SLDL 15
Alternating curl 8/8
Alternating crossover press 8/8
Long jump x 8
15 on 15 off for 5 minutes
Mountain Climbers
High Knee Runs

Day 2


Cat/Cow, Tspine twists, quadruped OH arm circles, knee abduction rocking, hamstring stretch, seated OH lat stretch

Complete 5 sets
10 Swings
5 Goblet squats


Complete 2 times: 2nd time the snatch becomes a squat press

Squat Jump x 15

Snatch x 5
Squat Jump x 5
Snatch x 5
Burpee x 10
Snatch x 3
Burpee x 5
Snatch x 3
Frog Jump x 10
Snatch x 2
Frog Jump x 5
Snatch x 2

For 5 minutes:
Swing x 15
Pushups x 5-10

5 Minute Add Ons- begin with one rep of each exercise then add on one rep with each set getting as high in the rep count as you can in the given time. Do all with one DB/KB

Pullovers- laying on your back take the weight over your head toward the floor then pull it back over your chest
Getup situp
Forward lunge
Goblet Squat

Prone Ab Matrix- 30 of each Knee to elbow, knee to opposite, foot to hand, foot to opposite hand



Countdown from 10
Running and L Crunches

Day 2


Skip, stretch neck and shoulder
Skip, hand to opposite shoulder rotations and oh reach side to side
Shuffle, hip rotations and quad stretch
Shuffle, ankle rotations and walking hamstring

Run 20 sec X 4
Push-ups 15 sec X 4

Run 20 sec X 4
Band Sldl X 15 sec

Run 20 sec X 4
Seated band row X 15 sec

Run 20 sec X 4
OH Squat X 15 sec

Run 20 sec X 4
Plank 20 sec X 4

20, 15, 10, 5

Band curl, tricep extension and side lunge (reps on each side)

5 min -
Burpee and straight leg situp countdown from 10